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As a traditional Swiss company, treating nature with respect is extremely important to us. Accordingly, it is not only a matter of course for us, but a matter of the heart to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. We attach great importance to making our contribution to a cleaner environment and take our responsibility very seriously. There's no denying that the promotional products industry leaves its mark globally, so we've made it our mission to lead by example when it comes to sustainability. For this reason, we focus on promoting reusable items and high-quality products as well as supporting various nature conservation projects.

As one of the first climate-neutral promotional products manufacturers in Switzerland, we are convinced that sustainability can be achieved primarily through the high quality and durability of promotional products.

In order to offer our customers the best symbiosis of quality and sustainability in the choice of suitable advertising materials, we take extensive time for a comprehensive consultation for each company.

One of our
favorite projects

What makes 4Ocean

Every year, WWF estimates that between 4.8 and 12.7 million tons of plastic end up in the world's oceans. 4Ocean is a public benefit corporation dedicated to the ambitious goal of tackling the plastic crisis in our oceans. Founded by surfers Alex Schulze and Andrew Cooper, 4Ocean now pulls millions of kilos of plastic waste from the ocean at 12 different locations around the world, making a tangible contribution to improving the situation.

How does it work

In our cooperation with 4Ocean, we support the company in successfully fishing plastic from the oceans every day. This plastic is then recycled and processed into new products such as bracelets, clothing and jewelry, which can then be sold. Each product sold represents half a kilo of plastic that is no longer floating in the ocean.


Our collaboration with 4Ocean allows us to confirm our customers' contribution to cleaner oceans with our own certificate. The amount of plastic that is fished out of the ocean depends on the amount of your order and will be visible in your certificate.

All projects supported by us

Fight plastic crisis

We support 4Ocean in the fight against plastic in the world's oceans

Wind energy in Southern Europe

We are also focusing on alternative energies and are promoting the construction of wind power plants in Turkey

Protect nature regionally

Climate protection starts on our own doorstep, which is why we also support regional projects

Commitment to
Kaiser customers

Our ideology in advocating for the environment transfers seamlessly to our customers on a day-to-day basis. At Kaiser Promotion, it's important to us to do what feels right - and that's more than just the bare necessities. We want our customers to give their customers high-quality gifts that will last. That's why we don't stop consulting until we've found the perfect product for your business. So that our customers' business relationships are just as long-lasting and sustainable as their promotional gifts.

Any advertising a


To promote the longevity of our products, we usually combine two basic characteristics: high quality and sustainability. We place a lot of emphasis on items that are made from recycled or rapidly renewable raw materials or that use as little water as possible in production.


In our consulting services, we offer insight into the production processes of advertising materials and always try to offer sustainable alternatives to previous products. We are also happy to train sustainability officers at our customers' companies and bring them up to speed with the latest developments.


We support our customers in breaking new ground and achieving their sustainability goals. This also means leaving a lasting impression on their customers and in turn winning and retaining customers in the long term.

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- we have earned

amfori BSCI

The amfori BSCI is a leading business initiative to improve working conditions in global supply chains. With the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct, companies can strengthen their business in the long term and reduce risks.

Climate neutrality

ClimatePartner is a solution provider in climate protection for companies: We combine individual consulting with cloud-based software that is unique on the market. We help our clients to calculate and reduce CO2 emissions and to offset unavoidable emissions.


Since its inception in 2007, EcoVadis has become the world's largest and most trusted provider of corporate sustainability ratings, creating a global network of more than 90,000+ rated companies.